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This project began as a memorial for my deceased parents in 2008. I wanted to do something to honor them. I asked my husband to build one gazebo in their honor. To my surprise he wanted to build three gazebos to honor them. I decided to name it the Praise Pavilion because that’s what it became when I visited it to remember my parents and praise God. People began asking if it was a church, I would say “NO”. I refused to call it a church because I didn’t feel worthy to be in charge of a church.

As time went on and as I prayed about what I wanted to do with the rest of the property, I finally began to understand that God wanted me to build a church on this property. After five years of prayer I decided to do that. I wanted to attract people to this property who would not normally want to attend church, so I called the church “Cutting Capital Fellowship”. Parker County is known for being the “Cutting Capital” of the world and that name seemed to fit.

My husband, Glenn and I plan to have the service on Sunday morning at 11:00am and encourage families to bring basket lunches; and to eat at the pavilion during the service. We will have outside speakers for the folks to hear the teaching and listen to the music. The service will last till about 1:00 or maybe 2:00pm.

Our Mission

Our mission is to re-unite families on Sunday morning for spiritual guidance, teaching God’s word, picnics and good music. We don’t want anyone to feel they can’t be a part of our praise and worship. They may come as they are. Also, we will have a food pantry for families needing assistance with food.

With all sincerity and blessings,

Barbara Littlepage 

Statement of Faith

Our life has been based on our Christian beliefs. We have come to understand that our faith has been tested on numerous occasions and that because we believed in Jesus Christ as our Savior we have overcome every test the devil has put on us. We believe in Jesus Christ as the only way to heaven. We also believe that Christ died for our sins and that we live under grace because of Christ suffering and death on the cross.

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